Cold stiffening heat stiffening gas stiffening PPT notes

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05-Jul-2021 — To get this ppt and notes, visit my website: Cold, heat and gas stiffening are all stiffening in dead body...

Rigor mortis or death stiffening or cadaveric rigidity is a state of stiffening of muscles, ... This process is accelerated by heat and slowed by cold.

... postmortem caloricity, livor mortis, contact flattening, primary flaccidity, rigor mortis, cadaveric spasm, heat rigor, cold stiffening, gas stiffening,...

Rigor Mortis( Latin rigor-stiffness,mortis-death)is a state of stiffening of ... At high temperature R M comes early and passes of early and reverse in cold.

This stiffening process, called Rigor Mortis, has a roughly known time of ... the body will either increase the rate of rigor (hot) or slow it down (cold).

Heat Stiffening; Cold Stiffening; Cadaveric Spasm. Secondary Relaxation : Muscles become soft and Flaccid; Do not respond to a mechnical and electrical...

05-Jul-2018 — stiffening and some shortening of the muscles of the body, both ... cold will delay the rigor while heat will hasten the rigor. Internal.

Differential diagnosis of stiffening of a dead body a) Cadaveric spasm or instantaneous rigor. b) Heat stiffening c) Cold stiffening d) Gas stiffening e)...

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