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12-Jul-2018 — Diatom test has emerged as one of the most important tests in forensic science by detection of diatoms in tissues samples [7].

by Y Zhou · 2020 · Cited by 8 — · · In forensic practice, it is difficult to determine whether a dead body in the water resulted from drowning or from disposal after death.

Diatom testing — Diatom testingBecause they have determinant properties diatoms create flora profiles for scientists. When these microscopic algae die, their frustules...

Since diatoms resist putrefaction, the diatom test is particularly valuable, where decomposition is advanced. Diatom test is negative in dead bodies thrown in...

04-Jul-2017 — Diatoms have been used in forensic science in a variety of ways, the most frequent being the diagnosis of death by drowning.

10-Jul-2021 — Forensic Limnology focuses on the study of diatoms in crime scene samples and bodies. In forensic science, diatom testing is a technique...

24-Mar-2021 — Diagnosis of death by drowning is deemed as a difficult task in forensic pathology. A number of tests have been developed to confirm the cause...

by G Piegari · 2019 · Cited by 7 — · · Indeed, the diatoms test is based on the principle that diatoms can be detected in the organs of drowned victims if they aspirated diatom-rich...

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