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Postmortem lividity (hypostasis, livor mortis) is a plurifocal staining of the skin, usually in the form of a more or less intense purple discoloration, due to...

Livor mortis is the gravitational settling of blood which is no longer being pumped through the body after death, causing a bluish-purple discoloration of the...What is livor mortis?What does livor mortis mean?

Livor mortis is characterized by lividity and occurs within hours after death. Lividity occurs because the heart is no longer pumping blood throughout the body...

04-Jan-2021 — Livor mortis is the fourth postmortem sign of death. It is the appearance of a reddish or purple discoloration of the skin. This lividity...

The use of Rigor Mortis as a time of death indicator is less than ideal because ... Livor Mortis (Lividity) is the settling of blood in body due to gravity.Uploaded by Seeker

07-Jul-2020 — Livor mortis is the purple-red coloration that appears on dependent portions of the body other than areas exposed to pressure after the...

Medical definition of livor mortis: hypostasis of the blood following death that causes a purplish red discoloration of the skin —called also dependent...

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