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Nystens rule (1811) describes the sequential onset of rigor mortis in the various muscle groups. The basic sequence of the solidifying body begins from the...

A law stating that rigor mortis begins with the muscles of mastication and progresses from the head down the body, affecting the legs and feet last.

Nystens Law of Rigor Mortis #RoFM #Forensic · Timeline Photos · Mar 28, 2016 ·. View Full Size. Kyaw Bo Soe and 23 others like this.

Nystens law: rigor mortis affects first the muscles of mastication, next those of the face and neck, then those of the upper trunk and arms,...

by R Shrestha · 2020 · Cited by 3 — · · Rigor mortis starts immediately after death and is usually seen in a sequence known as “march of rigor” and Nystens Law.

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Nystens law [nē-stăɴz′] n. The principle that rigor mortis first affects the muscles of the head and then spreads toward the hands and feet.

Nystens rule states ... Medico legal importance: ... These gases, by themselves are of not much medico legal significance, but the pressure effects.

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